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Welcome to the foot and ankle practice of Dr. Ira J. Gottlieb and his research center, the Chesapeake Research Group. Dr. G, as he prefers to be called, started his private practice in 1988 with the goal of providing advanced surgical foot and ankle care with an emphasis on strong interpersonal communication.


Over the years as his practice expanded considerably, associates were added and eventually the practice was taken over by a financial investment firm. Dr. Gottlieb quickly found the “corporate approach” to medicine to be overly ridden with layers of inefficiencies and financial production pressures that took the joy out of treating patients and left little time for that personal touch. He quickly made the decision to return to solo private practice and has never looked back or been happier.

Beginning in 1999 Dr. Gottlieb started participating in advanced clinical research (working on FDA approved drug studies) seeking better solutions to treat patients with all types of pain. The opioid crisis was around the corner and he had the vision to find alternative and safer treatments to relieve his patient’s pain.


In 2004, Dr. G started the Chesapeake Research Group. He along with Deborah Tunick RN, with whom he still works today, have been focused on “the pain problem”.  Our goal was to conduct clinical studies in the most safe, consistent and reliable manner. We are proud to have become a national leader in clinical research primarily focusing on the safe and effective treatment of pain. With over 100 clinical trials studies successfully completed he is proud to say he has been a part of research projects that have resulted in many new and improved pain-relieving medications now on the market. He admits there is still more work to be done and is as passionate as ever to see it through.

With the ever-rising cost of health insurance, participating in studies makes for a unique opportunity to receive care at no cost.  care in these studies. Volunteer's receive surgical and medical care at no cost. There are no insurance requirements for participating and you will actually be paid for your time and travel.

The combination of Dr G.’s advanced surgical techniques, cutting edge treatment options and the ever-rising cost of health insurance all make for a unique opportunity for patient care in his practice.

Dr. Ira Gottlieb, DPM


“Dr. Ira is a great doctor with humble personality, very knowledgeable, amazing staff, and top notch service."

"Dr IRA Gottlieb and his staff are outstanding. Cordial, courteous, thoughtful and patient, they place close attention to every patient's needs. Top notch care!"

"Dr Ira Gottlieb is renowned surgeon and does a excellent job on Bunionectomy. If anyone decides to come and have the work done he’s the DR. to see."

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